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As financial advisers we provide individuals and business with advice on practical and relevant solutions to help them to meet their financial objectives

Some of the key areas we advise on are listed below.


Savings and Investments

Pensions / Retirement Planning

Inheritance Tax Planning

Lifestyle Wealth

A clear, uncomplicated view of your finances in one place. Your investments, savings, pensions, insurances, bank accounts, credit cards, store cards, mortgages, loans and property alongside all the associated paperwork.

On your desktop and as an app on your tablet and smart phone, your finances are beautifully brought together under a single login accessible to you at any time, wherever you are.

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Paul Burton has been my independent financial advisor for five years and I would recommend him to others without reservation. He has managed my pension and investment portfolio during growth periods and also through the downturns caused by Brexit uncertainty and now Covid-19. His calm, professional, impartial and expert knowledge takes away the mystique and stress of the financial planning sector and I now just leave the detail to him but also get regular updates of how things are going. I also like to access the Lifestyle financial app on my iPhone to see at a glance the state of my various accounts in one place which is very useful.

Paul also encourages clients to also spend some of your hard money on what makes you happy be it travel, experiences or a new car - as he says “we have to live for today, because yesterday has been and gone and tomorrow may never come!”

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